Courses Taught

EECS 540: Applied Quantum Mechanics I

Introduction to nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. Summary of classical mechanics, postulates of quantum mechanics and operator formalism, stationary state problems (including quantum wells, harmonic oscillator, angular momentum theory and spin, atoms and molecules, band theory in solids), time evolution, approximation methods for time independent and time dependent interactions including electromagnetic interactions, scattering.

EECS 541: Applied Quantum Mechanics II

Continuation of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. Advanced angular momentum theory, second quantization, non-relativistic quantum electrodynamics, advanced scattering theory, density matrix formalism, reservoir theory.

EECS 638: Quantum Theory of Light

The atom-field interaction; density matrix; quantum theory of radiation including spontaneous emission; optical Bloch equations and theory of resonance fluorescence; coherent pulse propagation; dressed atoms and squeezed states; special topics in nonlinear optics.

Physics 644: Topics in Quantum Optics